Feasibility of Developing a Site

As experts in transport planning, highways, infrastructure and water management our consultants can help our clients unlock constraints and provide opportunities for development.

Transport Planning

The National Planning Policy Framework (paragraph 109) states that development should only be prevented or refused on highways grounds if there would be an unacceptable impact on highway safety, or the residual cumulative impacts on the road network would be severe. This leads developers asking will our development have an unacceptable impact on highway safety or severe impact on the local road network? followed up by; will this have any implications of the level of development we can accommodate on the site? These are questions which we can help to resolve.

Resolving and justifying site access arrangements:

  1. We advise land owners and developers on the anticipated impact of their proposed development on the road network. This information is then used to provide advice as to what would be deemed a suitable level of development on-site, to minimise the potential of a severe off-site highway impact.
  2. The location, and whether it can be considered to be sustainable or not. We focus on how accessible a site is for encouraging travel by sustainable modes (walking, cycling, public transport), Cotswold Transport Planning are able to efficiently review and advise as to whether a site can be considered to be ‘sustainably located’.

We use our experience and where necessary supported by our industry-approved capacity modelling software to advise on the level of development that can be safely accommodated without having a detrimental impact on the highway network. This will enable maximisation of the overall development potential of the site.

Flood Risk and Infrastructure

Our Engineers and Consultants can identify constraints and opportunities with detailed ground modelling, sustainable flood management and drainage assessments to provide our clients with the confidence to develop a site. We use our Water Management and Flood Risk experience to review flooding data in comparison with surveyed site level information to provide a site-specific flood extent appraisal which can result in unlocking land for development. We will undertake an initial drainage review to confirm opportunities for SuDS and viable points of connection to public assets where applicable.

If you are considering developing a site or submitting a planning application, and would be interested in receiving an initial up-front professional view, then please feel free to contact us.