An Experienced Group of Staff in Carrying Out Swept-Path Analysis

We minimise the impact of swept paths and assist in ensuring the maximum possible site area remains available for beneficial development using the industry standard AutoCAD software.

Cotswold Transport Planning are able to offer the following swept path services:

  • Ensuring safe vehicular access to residential developments for car users and servicing / emergency vehicles to satisfy the requirements of Highways Development Control
  • Checking the paths of delivery vehicles in service yards for new industrial, retail or commercial developments or where new plant and equipment is being installed in an existing service yard
  • Ensuring safe use of temporary access routes during construction or temporary events such as festivals
  • Checking access and egress from proposed or reconfigured parking spaces
  • Ensuring proposed highway schemes operate safely, for example that turning manoeuvres at new junctions do not result in over-running or side swipe collisions
  • Creating specific non-standard vehicles such as abnormal loads from supplied vehicle data and using them to check swept paths

If you have a requirement for swept path analysis or would like further information, Cotswold Transport Planning would be delighted to hear from you.