Scoping Assessments

There are three clear reasons why we advise our clients that we prepare or carry out scoping assessments with Local Highways Authorities prior to entering into technical work:

  1. To make sure the requirements of Local Authorities in terms of highway assessment are fully understood. Therefore the work we carry out is appropriate and resolves any concerns they may have over a particular development.
  2. To ensure the requirements of the Council are in keeping with the scale and context of the development, therefore minimising any unnecessary work having to be carried out by us.
  3. To ensure our services are provided at a cost that is representative of the level and complexity of work we need to do. So our clients can be relaxed that when we provide them with a fee quotation, there are no hidden surprises later down the line.

Negotiations with Local Authorities and Stakeholders

As Transport Consultants, we operate in an industry governed by guidance documents, best practice, national versus local policy positions, emerging policy documents, adopted policy documents, and the general requirements of the planning system for Local Authorities to make ‘balanced’ decisions.

On the balance of issues in a planning application, such as a departure from standards relating to highways, development may be acceptable as long as the cumulative impact of the development is not severe, and safe and suitable access is provided for all people. Cotswold Transport Planning are experienced in negotiating such positions with planning and highway officers of Local Authorities.

Planning obligations and conditions have to meet certain tests and we have a proven track record of minimising the number of these and ultimately discharging conditions and satisfying obligations.