Transport Assessments and Transport Statements to Support a Scheme

As set out in the National Planning Policy Framework, all developments that generate significant amounts of movement should be supported by a Transport Assessment or Transport Statement as part of a planning application for a development.

Transport Assessment

A Transport Assessment is a detailed report required for all planning applications where the associated development is anticipated as having the potential to cause a significant impact on the highway network. Transport Assessments typically require complex investigations of site accessibility, the promotion of sustainable travel, detailed analysis of highway safety, advanced traffic generation and distribution assessments culminating in junction and network capacity modelling.

Historically, thresholds have been set for specific land uses to trigger the requirement of a Transport Assessment once a development reaches a certain size.  However, the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in 2012 followed up by Planning Practice Guidance has sought to remove these thresholds and empower local authorities to decide on whether a full Transport Assessment is required, based on the local highway network context surrounding the proposed development site.

Liaison with local highway authorities, at the earliest opportunity, is vital in ensuring Transport Assessments are robust and suitable for mitigating any severe negative impacts associated development. CTP relies on an exemplary network of contacts within highway authorities across the UK, which ensures projects are managed efficiently and cost-effectively for the client.

Transport Statement

Major development proposals which do not require a full Transport Assessment are still often required to provide a Transport Statement report summarising the key highway-related components of the development, and providing any necessary evidence requested by the highway authority in order to justify the location, design or impact of the scheme.

Transport Statements typically include an accessibility critique to assist in demonstrating a site is sustainable in transport terms, a review of the local highway network and safety records, justification for the site access and internal layout issues such as parking, and a summarised analysis of anticipated traffic generation.

Cotswold Transport Planning specialises in the production of these reports.  If you would like further information on either of these report formats, or would like to receive a free quotation for us to prepare one of your behalf, then please feel free to contact us.