Constraints of Utilities and Services on a Development

Existing utility and services apparatus can create a constraint on a development that is both costly and time-consuming to overcome. Some of these constraints, such as overhead cables or chambers within the ground, can be immediately apparent from a site visit or topographical survey. However, many are beneath the surface and it is important to establish their presence, together with their implications on site development, at the earliest possible stage to ensure they do not impact on a site’s viability.

Cotswold Transport Planning can assist you in assessing the impact of services and utilities on your development. In order to assist you in determining the financial viability of your site we would, at the earliest opportunity, contact all operators that may have services or utilities within the vicinity to establish anything that may be affected and the costs involved in diverting or protecting such apparatus.

The Code of Practice, ‘Measures necessary where apparatus is affected by major works (diversionary works)’, sets out the Stages involved in obtaining the information necessary to establish the presence of utilities and services. Initially, we would write to notify the relevant Undertaker with a Scheme Identification and Preliminary Inquiry (Stage C2) to which they will respond with details of the approximate location and type of apparatus they have in the area or provide confirmation that they have nothing affected.

Once record drawings are received we will overlay them on the development site to determine if they would be affected by the proposed scheme and then advise on whether amendments can be made to the proposals to avoid the need for diversion or protection works. At this stage we can also obtain from the Undertaker a C3 Budget Estimate that would provide a high-level assessment of the costs involved in diverting or protecting their assets that can be fed into your cost assessments to ensure the proposals remain viable.

On completion of the detailed design of the development a Detailed Estimate (Stage C4) can be obtained setting out the amount you will need to pay the affected Undertaker to carry out the works. After this stage the information would usually be given to the Contractor who will place the necessary orders and arrange the programming of the works.