Providing independent Road Safety Audits

A Road Safety Audit asks the questions “who can be hurt here, how might this happen?” and “what can be done to minimise the risk of it happening and/or to reduce the severity of any injury?”

It considers all road users, and most specifically vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclist and motor cyclists.  It is also mindful of the location of the scheme as rarely does ‘one box fit all’.

The procedure for road safety audit is set out nationally in GG119 ‘Road Safety Audit’ (October 2018) which all road safety audits carried out on the strategic road network (trunk roads and motorways) should follow.  Many local highway authorities have their own local road safety audit policies, which generally use GG119 as a guide. Our qualified and accredited Auditors seek to agree the scope of a road safety audit in advance with the highway authority where practicable to ensure that the audit report is accepted and that no avoidable delay is incurred.

There are typically four stages of Audit: –
Stage 1 – This is carried out at the completion of Preliminary Design Stage, often as part of an outline planning application
Stage 2 – This is carried out at the completion of Detailed Design Stage
Stage 3 – This is carried out either at substantial completion of the works, or pre or post opening of the works
Stage 4 – This is a personal injury accident monitoring report carried out 12 and/or 36 months after the opening of the works, should any personal injury accidents have been recorded.

At Cotswold Transport Planning we understand that time is of the essence. Often Road Safety Audits are a necessity to achieve technical approval or to allow practical completion certificates to be issued which in turn enables sizeable bonds or cash deposits to be released.  We therefore offer a priority service with even shorter turnaround times for those time critical situations.

Other types of audits closely related to road safety audits are Road Safety Assessments, Mobility Audits, Non-Motorised User Audits and Quality Audits. All of which are services which CTP are able to offer.