A Dedicated Team to the Detailed Design of Highway Schemes

Our design team has extensive knowledge and experience of working with various Local Highway Authority’s (LHA’s) nationwide who often operate to slightly different processes. As such they will be able to provide you with an understanding of what will be required to progress the technical approval process in a timely manner.

We seek to provide cost-effective design solutions whilst ensuring compliance with the technical requirements of the LHA in order to minimise the timescales involved in the approval process.

In undertaking a detailed design scheme, the services Cotswold Transport Planning offer typically includes:

  • Negotiations with the LHA to determine their specific requirements and procedures
  • Undertaking horizontal and vertical alignment design including the use of 3D design software such as Civils 3D
  • Liaising with the Developer’s design team, legal team and third-party stakeholders to ensure a co-ordinated design and assist in the development of the legal agreements
  • Producing a full set of drawings and specifications as required for technical approval and subsequently for tender and construction
  • Organising and managing the Road Safety Audit process and producing a Designer’s Response
  • Advising on tenders received for highway schemes including alternative proposals
  • Design input during construction and checking of the works to ensure compliance with the design
  • Post completion processes required to obtain Completion Certificates and Bond release

If you have a requirement for detailed highway design or would like further information, Cotswold Transport Planning would be delighted to hear from you.