Providing bespoke Personalised Travel Planning

A common barrier when planning or undertaking a journey by sustainable travel modes, be it to work, for shopping or leisure, is often a lack of information.

Cotswold Transport Planning can provide bespoke Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) to respectfully inform participants of travel choices and offer advice and information that provides real alternative options to the car. This not only helps to reduce unnecessary car trips but it also improves health and wellbeing and can ultimately save money by encouraging people to make a few changes to their daily travel choices when and where it suits them best.

Cotswold Transport Planning offers customised travel planning solutions across a wide spectrum of land uses, which includes residential/household and workplace PTP.

Residential or household PTP often forms part of our role when acting as a Travel Plan Coordinator for larger schemes or schemes in areas which suffer existing network congestion but we can also offer a bespoke service for local authorities looking to undertake PTP over a particular area.

Employees that are active in their everyday journeys can lead to healthier staff that are more productive as well as decreasing the number of sick days. Workplace PTP can help to encourage employees to make positive and long-lasting changes to their travel behaviour through providing them with the right information and advice to enable them to make this change.

If your organisation or company requires PTP or you would like further information, then we would be pleased to hear from you and happy to help.