Car Parking Managment Plan to support Car Parks

The availability of parking can be critical to the operation of a site but often demand for parking can exceed supply. A Car Park Management Plan enables an organisation to exert control over how and when a car park is used. Enabling an organisation to make the best use of the space available for an existing car park or sets out how a new car parking area will be managed. 

A managed parking area, particularly in conjunction with the implementation of a Travel Plan can provide a number of benefits for your site:

  • Maximise the valuable land at your site, enabling it to be used for more productive purposes.
  • Minimise the environmental impact of your organisation by encouraging the use of sustainable transport by users of your site and promoting smarter travel choices.
  • Reducing costs of over dependency on car access and by reducing congestion in and around your site.
  • Easier access for users of the site who really need to travel by car.
  • Reducing costs of supplying, maintaining and operating car parking spaces.

Ultimately, a Car Park Management Plan can make an organisation more efficient and more attractive as a destination without the need for large capital outlay.

If you think Car Park Planning could benefit your organisation, then Cotswold Transport Planning would be delighted to hear from you.