Our work in the Infrastructure Sector

Our Infrastructure Design team have extensive experience in the design of highway related development infrastructure on a wide range of schemes. We understand that, whilst the infrastructure to access and service a development is of critical importance, it is important to minimise the land lost to infrastructure and the costs involved in its construction and maintenance.

Examples of some of the services we provide to developers include:
• Developing route options and access junction and advising on the pros and cons to maximise your developable site and minimise the infrastructure costs;
• Use of 3D design software to accurately determine the extents of land required for access infrastructure in relation to the existing and proposed site topography;
• Liaising with Utilities providers to agree the routes of incoming services or diversion of existing equipment that may impact on the development site;
• Producing detailed designs of site infrastructure for purposes including the discharge of planning conditions, construction of new adopted highways under Section 38 Agreements or amendments to the existing highway network under Section 278 or Section 111 Agreements; and
• Liaison with Highway and Planning Authorities to minimise the extent of works to be undertaken at the Developer’s expense.