Our work in the Education Sector

Working on behalf on Construction companies and direct to Local Authorities, Cotswold Transport Planning have been involved in numerous Planning Applications and proposals such as;

  • Feasibility studies concerning traffic and parking impacts as a result of new School developments and expansions;
  • Planning Applications for the extensions of Primary and Secondary Schools looking to advance to full 1 Form Entry (1FE) or 2FE;
  • Planning Applications for the creation of brand-new Schools.

Experience has taught us that there are a number of issues that can be raised in terms of School developments, some which could be considered as ‘necessary evils’, but with a flexible approach these can usually be mitigated against or accommodated, depending on the local context of the site.  Some examples of the types of issues we have to assess include:

  • The behaviour of staff, student and parent school travel, and the influences that determine modal choice;
  • Concerns over student drop-offs and pick-ups, and how to manage this safely and efficiently;
  • Assessments of safe routes to schools and deciding when it is appropriate to intervene and provide infrastructure to improve on this; and
  • The successful delivery of Travel Plans.