Cotswold Transport Planning prepared a Transport Statement and Travel Plan in support of a planning application for the remodelling/refurbishment of existing areas and the provision of an extension to enable an additional form of entry at Severn Vale School in Gloucester. As part of the development, an additional pedestrian only access will be introduced at the school.


Issues & Solutions

The modal share surveys carried out to understand existing travel patterns to the school highlighted that pupil travel to the site by car was low. Significantly, two thirds of pupils walked or cycled to school. However, through consultation with key stakeholders, one of the key constraints of the existing site for sustainable travel was identified as there being only one entry/exit point, situated on the southern side of the site.

As part of the development of the site, an additional pedestrian only access will be introduced in the north-west corner of the site. The point at which the new pedestrian only access will be located is 500m walking distance from the existing main entrance on the southern side of the site.




Planning permission was achieved and with the presence of the additional pedestrian/access only point, this will greatly increase the permeability and reduce travel time to the site, particularly for those staff and pupils living in the residential areas to the north and north west of the site that are within an acceptable walking distance of the site.

The site layout image is provided courtesy of Roberts Limbrick Architects who were the lead Architect for the scheme.