Cotswold Transport planning were appointed by Lioncourt Homes to provide detailed highway layout drawings, construction drawings, drainage information, road levels and a Road Safety Audit in order to obtain technical approval for an amended access to serve a residential development


Issues & Solutions

It was necessary to produce detailed highway construction drawings in accordance with Gloucestershire County Council’s (GCC) Manual for Gloucestershire Streets (MfGS) highway design guide.

Negotiation with GCC highway officers was required throughout the technical approval process to ensure that GCCs requirements were met and departures from GCCs standards were justified.

A Stage 2 Road Safety and Mobility Audit was produced, with the safety issues identified being successfully resolved to GCCs satisfaction.

During the technical approval process, GCC raised concern with the location of the pedestrian crossing facility that had already been approved through the planning process. Cotswold Transport Planning were therefore required to demonstrate and justify that the pedestrian crossing facility was safe and suitable.



The Sc278/Detailed Highway Works were successful agreed with GCC Highways enabling onsite highway works to commence.