Homeward Properties Ltd approached Cotswold Transport Planning after they had received a an APC Notice (Advanced Payments Code)  from Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) for the payment of £44,296 in relation to a development of six residential units in Cheltenham.


Issues & Solutions

The APC Notice is issued by GCC to provide GCC with an appropriate bond in the event that the developer does not complete the road to a suitable standard.

The developer was not expecting to receive a request for this amount of money and had not come across this previously. The payment of the £44,296 by the developer to GCC would have had serious consequences for the viability of the development.

Our solution was to demonstrate that the road would be completed to a suitable standard and that GCC would not be required to make up the road in the future.


Cotswold Transport Planning successfully negotiated, via GCC, to remove the requirement for payment of the APC bond.

One very pleased client!