Cotswold Transport Planning provided highways and transportation consultancy advice for the redevelopment of the former Kellaway Building Suppliers site on Luckwell Road, Bedminster, Bristol for a 100% Affordable scheme comprising 59 apartments and eight houses.

Issues & Solutions

Working as part of an interdisciplinary team alongside O’Leary Goss Architects and CSJ Planning, Cotswold Transport Planning identified safe and suitable access arrangements for the redevelopment proposals via an extension of Lynwood Road.  The access strategy affords an additional benefit to existing users of Lynwood Road by providing a turning head where one does not currently exist.  This provides a highway safety benefit my reducing the need to perform reversing manoeuvres.

A secondary access point onto Luckwell Road is proposed for pedestrians and cyclists to encourage trips to be made on foot and by cycle from this sustainably located site.

Various technical analysis was carried out including vehicle trip forecasts which confirmed that the proposed affordable residential redevelopment of the site would be associated with less vehicular trips than the historic employment use.  Parking studies were also carried out to confirm that the scheme would not have a material impact on existing on street parking availability.

In addition, Cotswold Transport Planning assisted the project Architect by providing advice on the internal highway geometry, parking provision, waste and recycling access and fire authority access via undertaking various swept-path assessment (vehicle tracking) drawings.


The scheme was granted planning permission in January 2019.