Planning permission was sought to expand the existing operation of the wedding venue at Bittenham Springs for up to 28 days a year.

Cotswold Transport Planning were appointed to consider the potential transport and traffic issues arising from the expansion and to undertake a Transport Statement in support of the planning application.

Issues & Solutions

Given that weddings are typically associated with a significant number of vehicle trips, in addition to the site’s rural location, it was likely to be a concern to the Highway Authority. In order to address these matters, an assessment of the forecast trip attraction and on-site parking provision was carried out.

Through the assessment work, Cotswold Transport Planning demonstrated that the development would not have a severe impact on the safe and efficient operation of the local highway network. Furthermore, the level of car parking provided was found to be suitable to accommodate the anticipated demand without a risk of overspill onto the local highway.


The expansion of the wedding venue at Bittenham Springs has been granted planning permission.