Cotswold Transport Planning were appointed to consider the existing transport infrastructure and the potential issues arising from the expansion of Winchcombe Abbey Primary School.  

Winchcombe Abbey Primary School proposed to provide additional accommodation, which would expand the school from 1.5FE to 2FE. The proposals included the construction of a two-storey teaching block, extension to the assembly hall / staff room, refurbishment of an existing classroom and the reconfiguration and formalisation of on-site parking provision.


Issues & Solutions

A key solution justifying the expansion of Winchcombe Abbey Primary School was an assessment of the forecast trip attraction and on-site parking design. Travel patterns and spare capacity on the public highway were considered through travel surveys and parking beat surveys. The surveys identified that the public highway could accommodate the increased parking demands and the reconfiguration of the staff car park maximised the amount of parking provision available to staff.

Through the assessment work undertaken by Cotswold Transport Planning it was demonstrated that the proposed expansion would not have an unacceptable impact on highway safety or that the residual cumulative impacts on the road network would be severe.

Moreover, with an extremely robust Travel Plan in place there is a real opportunity to build upon the sustainable travel culture already in place to ensure that the school can be a good neighbour and most importantly for the children travel to school safely.


Winchcombe Abbey Primary School expansion has been granted planning permission.