Cotswold Transport Planning were appointed to undertake a transportation review of the potential redevelopment of an existing library to a new gym in Bedminster, Bristol.

The scheme proposed a change of use from D1, which had been most recently occupied by The Grant Bradley Gallery, to a D2 use class for a gym. The development proposed no car parking provision.

Issues & Solutions

As part of the redevelopment proposals, it was necessary to demonstrate that the proposed gym could safely and conveniently operate as a ‘car parking free development’.

Cotswold Transport Planning held early discussions with Bristol City Council to determine the scope of the assessment required to support the planning application. It was agreed that a Transport Statement would be submitted which reviewed the accessibility of the site by sustainable travel modes, local parking restrictions and parking availability, the net trip impact of the redevelopment and proposed travel planning measures.

The Transport Statement successfully demonstrated that the Gym could operate as a ‘car parking free development’, given the proximity to employment and residential areas, and demonstrated that the site is extremely accessible by non-car travel modes.

It was shown that indiscriminate parking could not occur on the public highway in the vicinity of the site due to the on-street parking restrictions, therefore ensuring that there would be no severe impact on the operation of the local highway network.

Furthermore, travel planning measures for staff and visitors were proposed to encourage the use of sustainable travel modes.


Planning permission was granted  with no highway related planning conditions or obligations.