Cotswold Transport Planning were appointed to obtain a planning approval in relation to access and highway improvement works at Bourton Industrial Estate.

The scheme proposed a significant extension of Bourton Industrial Estate, which would require highway infrastructure improvements.

Issues & Solutions

Cotswold Transport Planning (CTP) were appointed mid-way through the determination period of the planning application. Bourton Industrial Estate is served by a priority junction between the A429 and Meadow Way to the north, and it had been demonstrated by a previous consultant that the junction would be over capacity with the proposed extension to the Industrial Estate. The Council had rejected a roundabout design at the junction, therefore CTP provided a new traffic signal design on the A429.

CTP liaised with the Council and provided traffic modelling of how the new traffic signal-controlled junction would operate and ultimately agreed with the Council that a traffic signal-controlled junction onto the A429 would be suitable. CTP produced a detailed junction arrangement drawing, swept path analysis and a Stage 2 Road Safety Audit. Given the significance of the proposed highway works, a detailed analysis was required as part of the planning submission to ensure that the works could be constructed in a viable manner.

CTP submitted interim modelling in order to demonstrate that the highway works could be delayed and would not be required prior to occupation of the industrial units, therefore saving the client a significant initial outlay.


Planning permission was granted, with a delayed commencement date for the highway works.