Cotswold Transport Planning were appointed to be part of the team on this exciting regeneration scheme located within the heart of Gloucester City Centre. The site has been underused and undervalued for a long time and the purpose of an LDO is to accelerate delivery of development.

Instead of waiting for the market to come forward with a proposal, they allow local authorities to initiate development activity by granting planning permission for the kind of development they would like to see come forward on the site. This makes it less expensive and risky for developers, while enabling the local authorities to get proposals to meet their own development priorities. The Order retains flexibility but gives priority to residential (circa 450 units) and student accommodation scheme (circa 300 beds), with ancillary uses such as retail, restaurants, health centres and leisure facilities also supported. .



Issues & Solutions

The main issue was how the site would be accessed and movement within the site. This was solved through the development of an Access and Movement Strategy. This was used to inform the masterplan, which was designed to provide a number of access/egress points throughout the site. This assisted with distributing the impact of the local development proposals on to the local highway network.

The LDO will provide new internal streets as well as amendments to the existing streets within the area.

The proposal has also been modeled using the Saturn network model to assess the impact on the highway network, with off-site mitigation identified.



The LDO was permitted by Gloucester City Council and will assist in unlocking a key site within Gloucester City Centre and is a great example of collaborative working across the consultancy team to gain a positive outcome.