Cotswold Transport Planning were instructed, by Savills Investment Management, to prepare a Transport Statement in support of a S.73 Planning Application at East Retail Park in Newport.  Amendments to restrictive conditions on the sale of retail products was required at the retail unit, to facilitate its reoccupation by food Warehouse – part of the Iceland Foods group.

Issues & Solutions

The extant planning permission associated with the retail unit was formerly geared around the sale of non-food retail items.  The application to introduce the sale of food and drink items, in highway terms, results in a higher trip generation to and from the development, and also higher requirement for parking provision.  The impact of both of the issues therefore required consideration as part of the Transport Statement.


Through our expertise of assessing changes of tenant and occupations through retail parks across the UK, we were able to successfully demonstrate that the introduction of the food Warehouse at East Retail Park would not have a material net change in traffic or consequently an impact on the safe operation of the local highway network.

CTP were also able to prove, through car parking surveys, that the existing residual capacity in the retail park, alongside other existing uses, would be sufficient to meet the needs of food Warehouse, without exceeding the available capacity.  Planning permission was granted in 2018.