Cotswold Transport Planning instructed to assess the impact of the change of use of Old Gore Barn from an agricultural use to a wedding venue for up to 180 guests.

There were a number of challenges with the application from a transport perspective that required resolving, which were covered in a Transport Assessment.

The site was initially inspected and a Site Feasibility assessment was carried out which confirmed that the Local Highway Authority would have no objections and that the site would require a Transport Assessment including junction assessments.


Issues & Solutions

A key issue was the suitability of a nearby junction with A429 to accommodate the potential increase in traffic generated by the change of use. The suitability of the junction was demonstrated through a visibility assessment based on the 85th percentile road speed and local topography. It was demonstrated that this junction is safe and suitable to accommodate the anticipated increase in vehicular movements.

The capacity of the A429 junction was also an issue which needed to be considered to ensure it would be suitable to accommodate the increase in vehicular trips. The junction was assessed through a junction capacity model which demonstrated that there was spare capacity to accommodate the increase in vehicular movements.

Parking is a key issue for wedding venue developments, a detailed analysis of the likely parking demand arising from 180 wedding guests, contractors and staff was carried out. It was successfully demonstrated that suitable parking provision was available on site, without severely prejudicing the internal layout of the site.


Cripps Barn Group were granted planning permission for the change of use of the existing Old Gore Barn to a Wedding Venue.