Cotswold Transport Planning (CTP) Ltd were instructed by Beeley Wood Biogas Ltd to prepare a Transport Statement (TS) to support of a planning application for an Anaerobic Digestion Plant (ADP) at Beeley Wood Lane, located just outside Sheffield City Centre.

Issues & Solutions

CTP considered the transportation matters associated with the operation of the ADP with the capacity for processing 65,000 tonnes of food waste per annum. The food waste will be provided from the existing waste recycling centre at the site.  The scheme is designed to provide biogas to the National Grid through the breaking down of food waste. To reslove these issues CTP developed a TS with a key focus on a bespoke ‘first principles’ approach to analyse the forecast trip attraction to the site for both HGV and other vehicle trips.

The TS successfully demonstrated that the existing access arrangements within the Beeley Wood Industrial Estate are appropriate to serve the development proposal, and that the trips arising from the development proposal, compared with the permitted fall-back position, would not have a material impact on the safe and efficient operation of the local highway network.


The TS helped Beeley Wood Biogas Ltd to gain planning permission in December 2017.