We work with land owners and private individuals on projects of all shapes and sizes, ranging from single dwelling proposals through to major strategic developments.

Most, if not all, developments are preceded by fundamental questions over access, including:

  • ‘Can we establish an access along the border of our land with this road and where would be the most preferable location?’
  • ‘Would the existing access be sufficient for a further intensification of use and to what extent?’
  • ‘We are aware our access does not meet certain highway design standards, what mitigation could be proposed to bring it up to an acceptable standard, thus allowing us to develop our land further?’

Cotswold Transport Planning, made up of a unique team of Transport Planners, Traffic Engineers, Highway Designers and Road Safety Auditors, couldn’t be better placed to provide you with these answers.

Beyond establishing the principle of access location and design, we are able to use our experience to advise land owners and private individuals on their respective development’s potential in terms of making accurate assessments of highway network capacity, all with a view to ensuring you are able to maximise the development potential of your land.

A summary of the key services we provide to land owners and private individuals includes:

Our teams are highly capable of acting on your behalf making the necessary contact and applications through respective Council departments, to ensure a suitable and robustly justified case is put forward for your development proposal.  Where we feel your development would benefit from additional specialist advice, such as from Town Planners, Architect’s, Landscape Architects etc, we have a fantastic U.K wide network of industry-related associates, and are happy to make introductions as and when required.