We assist Planning Consultants and Architects, often as a well-liked and highly regarded member of wider design teams, to provide support at all stages of the Planning Application process, successfully advising and shaping development proposals through to approval by Local Authorities.

We understand the Planning Application process and know what is required at each stage to make it a success for Planning Consultants and Architects, and naturally the applicants they support.

Be it pre-application, during critical periods leading up to application determination, or concerning the discharge of conditions, we recognise the position of responsibility that is assumed when we are instructed to work on a project, and work hard to ensure our involvement always results in a positive influence to the planning application.

A summary of the key services we offer across the Planning Application process are as follows:

Pre-application Assistance; we are experienced at making high-level judgements when it comes to pre-planning application assessments and in the development of early stage feasibility work, where initial confidence is sought over a scheme concept or an early approach to the Local Highway Authority is required seeking out an ‘in-principle’ view as to the likelihood of a project’s potential success.

Access Feasibility;  ‘Can a safe and suitable access be achieved to support a development proposal?’ What is the process to assess and demonstrate that the access junction we are proposing will meet with the necessary highway standards concerning visibility splays?’ We believe these questions cannot be asked early enough in the process and with our diverse team of transport planners, traffic engineers, highway designers and road safety auditors, we are well placed to provide you with the answers.

Planning Application Inputs; our teams are highly experienced in the preparation of planning application reports including Transport Statements, Transport Assessments, Travel Plans, Non-motorised User Audits, Technical Notes and Road Safety Audits, all complimented where necessary with in-house highway design services.

Detailed Design and Post Planning; we are often retained by clients to discharge highway-related planning conditions concerning the delivery of on and off-site highway works (Section 278 Applications), Travel Plans (Preparation and Implementation), Car Park Management Plans, Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMPs), Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs).